Representative Results

If you or a loved one has been injured in a work-related accident or in any accident that may involve the negligence of another, contact STYKA & STYKA, LLC, for a FREE initial consultation. STYKA & STYKA, concentrates in workers’ compensation and all types of injury claims.

While each injury case is unique, the following are some examples of STYKA & STYKA’s injury claim results.

Construction worker, knee injury $2.5 million
Construction Worker, Back Injury $700,000
Mechanic, shoulder injury $390,000
Warehouse Employee, Neck Injury $314,000
Technician, multiple injuries $280,000
Maintenance worker, back injury $275,000
Office clerk, environment exposure $265,000
Occupational, Environmental Disease $265,000
Construction Worker, Back Injury $245,000
Injured Mechanic $225,000
Hospital employee, shoulder injury $200,000
Quality Control, back injury $200,000
Injured Sheriff $200,000
Home heath worker, back injury $192,000
Courier Driver $180,000
Customer Service, arm injury $170,000
Patient Assistant, Back Injury $165,000
Heart Attack $160,000
Installer, shoulder injury $150,000
CNA, Back Injury $150,000
Truck Accident $150,000
Maintenance worker, back injury $140,000
Injured Nursing Assistant $125,000
Highway worker, multiple injuries $125,000
Vocational Instructor, Shoulder Injury $120,000
Warehouse Worker, Bilateral Shoulder Injuries $105,000
Warehouse, repetitive injury $100,000
Truck driver, back injury $100,000
Clerical Worker, Back Injury $100,000
Construction Worker, Back Injury $100,000
Airline Attendant, Back Injury $95,000
Construction Worker, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome $90,000
Airline Employee, Back Injury $90,000
Airline Baggage Handler, back injury $89,900
Factory worker, back injury $75,900
Flight Attendant, Back Injury $75,000
Warehouse Retailer, Shoulder injury $75,000
Warehouse Manager, Shoulder Injury $75,000
Production Supervisor, Back Injury $65,000
Construction Worker, Knee Injury $58,000
Warehouse Employee, Elbow Injury $50,000
Construction Worker, Knee Injury $40,000
Baggage Handler $37,000
Artist, Ankle Injury $24,000

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