Ice, Ice, Baby: 5 Winter Driving Facts that You Should Know

The winter arrived early in 2019, with Chicagoans saying “Boo” to the snowiest Halloween on record. Five statistics underscore the potential for a serious work-related or personal injury car crashes during the winter months.

  1. More than 1,800 people die annually due to snowy and icy pavements.1 This statistic includes both shoveled and unshoveled snow. While homeowners and others are not liable for slip and falls in unshoveled snow, most towns and HOAs require some form of sidewalk maintenance for the convenience of residents and shoppers during the winter months. If shoveled walkways are left icy and hazardous, a slip and fall may result in a serious injury and a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim.
  2. Nearly 117,000 people are injured annually in vehicle accidents on snowy or icy roadways.2 Be sure to put more space between yourself and other drivers than usual and remember to give yourself more time to brake. Drive slowly and defensively, and refrain from such distractions as making hands-on cell phone calls or manually adjusting Spotify or other phone-based apps. Stay focused on the road ahead and the actions of the other drivers.
  3. More than 76,000 individuals are injured each year in vehicle collisions during snowfalls.3 To reduce your risk, be sure take time to clear your vehicle of snow, including from your brake lights, front headlights, and side mirror, in addition to the front and rear windows.
  4. In the Midwest, 35% of winter vehicle collisions involve such large four-legged creatures as deer, elk, and moose.4 In the Mid-Atlantic states (New York and New Jersey), the statistic is even higher: 46%.
  5. Approximately 70% of vehicle crash fatalities occur during winter driving.5 If you are in an auto accident in which you or any passenger in your vehicle are seriously injured or even killed, first call 911 for emergency care. Then, contact Styka & Styka, LLC, as soon as possible, no matter the time of day. We can help ensure that the other driver’s insurance policy immediately begins covering your losses as we put the wheels in motion for obtaining the full coverage you deserve for your injuries or loss.

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