The Most Stressful Jobs of 2013

The Wall Street Journal traditionally produced an annual list of the most stressful jobs in the U.S., until it outsourced the list to, which now uses its vast job database and more than 100 criteria to arrive at the annual “Most Stressful” list.

Among the criteria, the company focuses on 11 demands that significantly increase the amount of stress involved in a job, including travel, growth potential, competitiveness, physical demands, hazards, environmental conditions, and risk to one’s own life or to the lives of others.

Top 10 Stressful Jobs

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel
    Median salary $46,000 (with 8 years of experience)
  2. Military General
    Median salary $196,000
  3. Firefighter
    Median salary $42,000
  4. Commercial Airline Pilot
    Median salary $92,000
  5. Public Relations Executive
    Median salary $58,000
  6. Senior Corporate Executive
    Median salary $101,000
  7. Photojournalist
    Median salary $29,000
  8. Newspaper Reporter
    Median salary $36,000
  9. Taxi Driver
    Median salary $22,000
  10. Police Officer
    Median salary $55,000
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